Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How are condominium fees calculated?

The world is seeing an increase in population. There are more and more people growing and thus there is increase in the requirement of basic needs such as food clothing and shelter. People want to buy their own homes, apartments or even condos. Thus, like many other parts of the world there are condos for sale in Niagara too. There are people who would love to buy condos in such beautiful scenic locations. Once people find a home that best suits their needs, it is usually seen that they are ready to pay any amount that they are asked for. It is important for one to know the exact method of calculating the fees for a condominium. Here are few factors that are usually considered while setting the fees for a condominium.

The price of a Condominium includes the maintenance costs that need to be paid. Unlike rent, these are non-profitable sources for the management. These fees are usually used for paying utility bills along with the cost various maintenance works such as window cleaning, house cleaning, gardening, snow shoveling, and many more. These fees are highly dependent on the size of your unit. A larger unit will cost more than a comparatively smaller one.
Another type of fee that is included is the contingency fee. According to the law, every condo owner has to maintain this kind of a fee. This fee is used to cover up other special costs needed for building upkeep like changing or repairing the roof, the heating or the plumbing systems.
The cost of the maintenance for townhouses are comparatively lower. Usually each townhouse has its utilities metered separately. Thus, one need not pay the maintenance costs. Although a townhouse owner saves these fees, there are other fees that need to be paid for the other common areas, the security and many other general costs.
Each individual condo building may have different facilities that it may offer. The fees may vary according to what is included. Some buildings may have an underground parking and a beefed-up security. While a few others may have a well equipped gymnasium and a swimming pool. Make sure you note down all that the condominium is offering you and agree upon a price that suits the facilities availed.

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